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SHINING WAVE BAND, give a fresh new look to all rock music lovers ....


In Mid-Year 2010, Ardian and Adhitya which is a cousin, tried to form a band again, after a long vacuum.

Then they met with Erry and contacted their old friend Erdy to come together to form the band with new song material and a new format.

Then, as the band began practicing at the studio, they alternated several times a vocalist, of Angga then Rio. But unfortunately, due to the busyness of Angga andRio , they can’t continue.
The condition does not degrade the spirit, so Ardian, Adhitya, Erry and Erdy continue arranging the songs until the band finally agreed to give the name “Shining Wave“

In Mid-Year 2011, Shining Wave met with Pena, who eventually became lead vocalist after a brief audition and collective agreements. This lineup last until June 2013, with the result 7 tracks (6 songs by Ardian, 1 song by Erdy) which have been recorded and published. The band’s influences are mostly 90′s Alternative Rock Music and 90′s Hard Rock Music

Our motivation is still raging, even more .. after doing some audition again, Shining Wave reached an agreement to continue with a new vocalist (Franz)

Last formation since August 2013 are: Franz, Ardian, Adhitya, Erdy, Erry
We hope our musics can give a fresh new look to all rock music lovers, and also can provide motivation for all

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