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utas band

Judul*:utas band 2014
Berita*:KENCES .......... born in Bandung, Indonesia 25 November 1985 of birth he was familiar with music, he had several times to follow the music study, though not sanctioned him tetep desperate parents to become a musician .... among his family he was known to be very emotional ... because he was influenced by rock music .... at the beginning before joining UTAS him many offers to be vocalists several bands d bandung .... he's so winding musical journey, so that eventually he can become a thread vocalists, because among other vocalists he's only able to fill out the sound loud at UTAS .... to become a vocalist he is not adventurous ... he just said ROCK ROCK ..... ROCK

SAN, TO was born bandung, Indonesia 8 feb 1978
initially in a very not like rock ... because the surrounding people began to like rock music at last he began to rock ...... anesthetized UTAS bassist this one played an extremely irregular in beat beat rock. then we call it SOUND of Sience
although many fans told fans thread saint of the most Sience at UTAS but still we are always proud ... thanks to shred bass san, to, UTAS could fly .......... san, to of the best ...

DANI MEDOT born 9 Sept 1980
dani initially very skeptical about the existence of UTAS in the world of music that we call the sparkling, so in time to join a few bands that are eligible to show, he finally make a choice at UTAS, because its personnel a solid, able to turn on the aroma of rock n roll at UTAS body, previously he had experienced FESIMISTIS namely, changes in affect music.yang though still able to influence an increasingly ROCK UTAS terdepan.UTAS several times through the revolution but all revolutions could be passed without being subject to spaching ............. . he slogan KEEP ROCK N ROLL. baby always be always fee.

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Nama*:dani medot